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Transformers Voyager Class Ratchet Best Buy Exclusive Sealed

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  • Autobot Ratchet (Best Buy exclusive "Premium Series" Voyager Class, 2007)
    • Accessories: Roof rack/claw
Transformers Ratchet was one of the first figures in the Premium Series, released on October 16th, 2007 exclusively at Best Buy for the launch of the Transformers movie DVD. Ratchet's main plastic has been changed to a metallic yellow, with an additional coat of metallic yellow paint over the top of those parts (and others), resulting in a much more accurate color scheme in relation to the actual Movie character and prop vehicle.
Ratchet was presented in robot mode, within a special display package similar in shape to the packaging for the Hasbro release of Generation 1 Masterpiece Starscream. Even though Hasbro officially considers him as part of the Premium Series, this is not indicated anywhere on the packaging, as the Premium Series wasn't officially announced until after Ratchet and Megatron had already been released to stores.