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Transformers Voyager Class Starscream Sealed

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Bubble has creases

  • Starscream (Voyager, 2007)
    • Accessories: Six missiles
The Voyager-class version of Movie Starscream transforms into an officially-licensed Lockheed-Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet, albeit in beige.
Pushing the fighter along a smooth surface causes the missile-launching barrels to rotate and fire their projectiles, which can also be stored in the black flip-up braces on the launchers. This gimmick doesn't always work very well. If the toy's gears are not perfecty aligned during assembly, the spinning cannons can be stopped by the firing tab or rotate right past it without even firing. Many samples don't rotate at all! During transformation, pushing up upon the canopy fuselage piece activates Starscream's Automorphing gimmick, which pushes panels out of the torso, wings and stabilizers. In robot mode, Starscream is mostly faithful to his movie CGI model, except for being bulkier around his chest, lacking engines on his back and having the very large Gatling cannons serve as his arms (a facsimile of his much slenderer weapons from the movie). Interestingly, his projectile missiles are sculpted to resemble fingers, should users choose to keep them loaded while Starscream is in robot mode. An interesting note is that Swindle's (or Camshaft's) hands, when detached, make a snug fit in between the three main cannons; if you're feeling sillier, Legends Megatron's shoulder does, too. Go on, try it yourself, yes, we'll wait...